Alba TRDAB2820 Review

Alba TRDAB2820 Review

So, you have a spare £30.00 and want to buy a DAB radio. Let’s face it, that old radio you have needs replacing doesn’t it? Well, here we review the Alba TRDAB2820, but is it any good?

To begin with, the radio looks half decent and is pretty stylish (our model was white/blue). But, you should never judge a book by it’s cover! Also remember that this model doesn’t have DAB+ which is important. You obviously get more channels with DAB+.

ALBA TRDAB2820 Review

The DAB radio was a doddle to set up but the reception was mediocre and the sound was rather tinny. However, it does the job. It also has FM to run alongside DAB which was also easy to tune in. Again the sound being rather tinny.

On our test model we found that the radio put out a low hum or buzz which suggests that the internal electronics are not up to scratch. Of course, is a big no-no. This is because with DAB radio you should expect to hear music and speech only!

Other Details

The dimensions are 23cm x 16cm x 7cm and weights around 1.35 kilos without batteries. The display screen is clear and measures around 6cm x 1.5cm which is enough to display information.

The radio unit has an headset outlet and the rear has a Line Out (RCA right and left) so it can connect to a Hi-Fi, for instance. The other socket at the back is for the mains plug.

It has a telescopic rod aerial which can extend or lie flat when not in use.

To Sum Up

We don’t recommend the Alba TRDAB2820 because on our review we found it to have a low hum and that’s not what we buy DAB/FM radios for. It sounds tinny and the buttons were clunky.

If you can afford to spend an extra tenner or £20.00, buy a better model from JVC or Panasonic etc.

Alba TRDAB2820






Good Looks




Value For Money



  • Decent looks
  • Functional
  • Easy to use


  • Mains hum heard on our test
  • Sound is a little feeble
  • Buttons feel a little cluncky
  • Not DAB+
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