Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad Review

In the Box

To begin with, we will start with the contents of the box. Firstly, all you get here is the Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad and two documents. Of course these include a warranty booklet and an instruction manual.

You will obviously need a mouse in order to use this item. However, you can use any mouse. But, if you are buying the Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad, then only the best will do. You will probably want to buy a good one at some point though.

Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad - excellent LED lighting. Top marks in this review.

In Operation

The USB lead comes out of the back of the pad so is well out the way when in operation. Furthermore, the Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad comes with a spare USB port at the rear. Therefore, you can attach the mouse to that. Obviously, you can adjust the colours around the edge of the pad to match your taste. All in all, there are 15 zones for great customization. Moreover, Corsair’s own CUE software allows you to programme everything at ease.

The surface has a hard texture but this is ideal for the mouse to glide on. Indeed, it is a dream to move the mouse around on the low friction surface. Of course, the base has a non-slip rubber base. So, this pad will never slide around while in use.

For many, an RGB mouse mat might be a little over the top. However, if you have all the best gaming equipment already, then why not treat yourself with the best mouse pad!

Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad lit up - best gaming mat reviews - customized lighting

Indeed, the mouse pad looks good in daylight too!

To Sum Up

Although to many people, a designer mouse pad such as this is a step too far. However, we can’t fault this Gaming Mouse Pad in any way. Together with its beautiful lighting effects and low-friction surface, this mouse pad is great when in use. Therefore, if you want to add a little more luxury to your gaming requirements, you can’t go much wrong here. In fact, we give this computing peripheral almost a perfect score!

Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad




Build quality


Good looks




User friendly



  • Great looks
  • Customizable LED lighting effects
  • Non-slip base
  • Built-in USB pass-through port
  • Large surface area


  • There is absolutely nothing negative to say about this great product.
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