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Privacy Policy

Oracle Review Forum Privacy Policy

Indeed, we take your privacy very seriously. So much so that we have a Privacy Policy to make members and visitors feel at ease. Our Privacy Policy obviously involves information about cookies that we use and our other promises to you. However, in this Oracle Review Forum post we shall only give a brief outline. Obviously for our full Privacy Policy, check out the blog for more details.

In brief, our promise to you is that we will never share any information you give us with anyone else unless you tell us too. Obviously, this includes things like names and email addresses etc. But please be aware that a court can make orders that demand these details. However, we will not do this voluntarily. We would need the correct paperwork signed by a judge for us to do that - we know the law! However, the best bet while you are on any of our websites is to just stay legal!

When it comes to cookies, our site also uses these just like all other websites. Cookies are indeed small text files that your device accepts to allow better user experience with our sites. For example, cookies can detect what language you wish to use. However, we collect no personally identifiable information. You may also refuse the cookies. But, by doing this, you may not get the full benefit from our websites.

To sum up, we take your privacy seriously. Also, we want you to feel comfortable while at the Oracle Review Forum and Blog. Obviously, by telling you our stand on this will show our commitment to you. Of course, by making the user feel at ease, we want you to return to the Oracle Review Forum regularly.

Finally, click this link to the Oracle Review Blog for more information on our Privacy Policy.