Innokin Endura T18II

To begin with this vaping kit is the updated version of the classy Innokin Endura T18E – the mark 2 kit. The model number is the Innokin Endura T18II but is it any good? Well, just like the older model, this is slightly better, so read on.

Innokin Endura T18II Box

Just like its older cousin, the presentation box is excellent. Again you get an outer sleeve covering the main box. However, that isn’t as good as the older model. This is because it hasn’t got the magnetic flap which makes the box slightly more flimsier. Also, you need to pull out the box using a small strap. But on our model, the glue must not have set on the main box. As a result we had to rip it open damaging the box.

The Kit Includes (also comes in many colours)

01) Endura T18II Battery (1300mAh)
02) Prism T18II Tank
03) Replacement 1.5Ω Coil
04) Magnetic Cap
05) Spare Tip (Mouthpiece)
06) Spare seals
07) Micro USB Charging Cable
08) Documentation

In Operation

The Innokin Endura T18II also uses the same coils as its older cousin, the Innokin Endura T18E (here). Generally speaking, they look very similar too. However there are a few differences. For example there are newer colours. The top is silver on most, but they still look slick. Also, this newer model has a magnetic cap which prevents the dust from getting in the mouthpiece.

Innokin Endura T18II - Vaping kit - cheapest and the best
Of course this is a handy feature to prevent breathing in debris that may get in there while lying around.

Unlike the older model where you click the button 5 times, this one only needs 3 click to turn it on. The beauty about the new Innokin Endura T18E is an adjustable airflow via a central ring near the operation button. Then there is an LED wattage indicator for 10.5W, 12W and 13.5W. The battery is also far more powerful.

The only other difference is the charging socket is in the middle and not at the bottom. This is better, especially when using a stand. You will have to use your own or an old one from the T18 models or similar because there no stand comes with this kit.

At around £5.00 more than its predecessor, this model looks like its a winner. All in all, this model is setting the standard. Its also one of the cheapest vaping kits around but one of the best!

Finally, have your say on this vaping kit by using the boxes below. Your marks will have an effect on the total score for this kit, so have your say!

Innokin Endura T18II




Build quality


Good looks




User friendly



  • Great performance especially with the controllable airflow facility
  • Easy to operate
  • Coil lasts for weeks
  • Quick charging and lasts 24 hours
  • Great presentation box


  • Changing the coil can be fiddly and messy
  • Replacement coils are pricey at £3.00
  • No stand with the kit
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  1. Monica says:

    This does look like a great upgrade, I will try this one soon.

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