JVC DAB Clock Radio RA-D38B

Here we review the JVC DAB Clock Radio RA-D38B.

To begin with, this unit comes from JVC, what more can we say? Obviously with this brand name comes quality and reliability. Oh, and a decent sound too!

The dual alarm clock functions are easy to operate and adjust once you become familiar with the functions. You can wake up to an alarm or a buzzer, the choice is yours. Of course there is a handy snooze button too.

There are 20 preset radio stations with 10 for the DAB and 10 for the FM. The speaker isn’t too small and the sound is very rich for it’s size but this is what you expect from a quality brand.

One thing you need to be aware of is that there is no DAB+ which is available on some of it’s competitors. So, you will need to decide if you want DAB+ radio on your bedside cabinet or whether you are happy with DAB and FM.

At the end of the day, most people just need a bedside radio alarm clock to wake them up. However, some like a little a little background music while chilling out in the bedroom. If you really need DAB+, you will need to look elsewhere.

We found the reception to be excellent and the initial DAB radio scan was quick and easy to operate. The buttons are responsive and are in the correct place, in our opinion.

JVC RA-D38-B DAB/FM Clock Radio - Oracle Review

JVC RA-D38-B DAB/FM Clock Radio

JVC DAB Clock Radio RA-D38B

To sum up this unit we would have to say that we highly recommend it. This is because of the quality of the sound and how reliable JVC products are. However, please bear in mind that it has no DAB+ radio. But if you just wast an ordinary DAB + FM radio, this unit is hard to beat.

All in all, this unit is a winner. If you have one of these, why not rate it here or tell us about it in the Oracle Review Forum.

JVC RA-D38B Clock Radio






Good Looks




Value For Money



  • Has quality all over it with a great sound
  • Plenty of presets
  • Buttons feel responsive
  • Great reception
  • Good screen display


  • Not DAB+
  • Not too much to complain about
  • Display a wee bit too bright
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