LG 55UH625V Smart TV

LG 55UH625V – Smart TV Review

Firstly, the LG 55UH625V is 55 inch a UHD smart television. However, is it worth buying, that is the question?

Release date: April 2016
Screen size: 55 inches
HD type: 4K
Power consumption: 78 watts
Freeview: both satellite and aerial
Size (WxHxD): 1240 x 722 x 56.7 mm (not including stand)

What does the LG 55UH625V look like?

LG is one of the market leaders in television technology, so aesthetically you can expect a good looking television. With it’s black stand and brushed metal bezel, this sure looks fine too. However, as with many TV sets on these flimsy looking stands the television will wobble if nudged. Although, in reality you possibly wont ‘nudge’ the TV except in times of carelessness.

LG 55UH625V television review
Obviously, LG have provided a beautiful looking TV here and it would grace any home.

Picture quality

In a word, brilliant! After all, it is a LG and you know you are getting quality. Although, saying that the black colours aren’t quite up to it. Also, as the picture changes the dimming process has a tendency to be a bit harsh. Actually, this does distract the viewer somewhat. Just to point out that the LG 55UH625V is not a 3D television

Sound quality

The LG 55UH625V has two 10 watt speakers and of course, they can simulate surround sound. However, for most televisions with smaller speakers we would recommend a good quality soundbar.

How smart is the LG 55UH625V?

The television is of course well connected. It has Wi-Fi and and also Ethernet socket for internet use. There are three HDMI sockets, a digital audio output so you can connect to a decent soundbar. Also included is component/composite input with a USB2 socket.  Freeview is, of course, standard. So is a web browser, social media, YouTube, and access to apps from the LG Store.

To sum up

Televisions in this price range are basically run-of-the-mill and the LG 55UH625V in no exception. As a family TV in the lounge, it performs well enough. However, because of the slight niggle with the black dimming, it could spoil your entertainment slightly. In brief, for the price range, this television does provide decent value. Obviously, pay more and get better quality. Indeed, join us and tell us what you think. Moreover, join our Oracle Review Forum and have a natter about this TV.

LG 55UH625V review

Around £600

Picture quality


Build quality


Good looks




User friendly



  • Supports Digital Video Recording
  • Game mode
  • Big 55 inch screen
  • Plenty of connectivity
  • Eco mode


  • Picture doubts with black colours
  • Not a 3D television
  • Flimsy stand
  • Running costs are on the high side
  • Run of the mill TV
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