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Mobile phones - full reviews for old and new mobiles

Indeed, we review old and new mobile phones at Oracle Review

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    • Samsung Galaxy S8 Review - brilliant designSamsung Galaxy S8
      S8 Specifications Samsung Galaxy S8 Review Just to point out there are two versions of the new S8. There is the standard S8 and there is also the S8+. One thing we notice is the finger print sensor […]
    • Panasonic KX-TG8013 Cordless Phone - Oracle ReviewPanasonic KX-TG8013 Cordless Phone
      Panasonic KX-TG8013 Cordless Phone Features Three handsets – 1 base unit and 2 chargers. Ringer LED on handsets and they are hands free. Expandable – so it will take up to 3 more […]

Mobile Phones Also Reviewed

To begin with, in this section we review mobile phones. Indeed, we review both old and new phones alike. This is because people are always looking for a review before they part with their cash. Obviously, people are looking for the reviews of the latest technology when it comes to mobile phones. However, there are still some good older models that are for sale on places like ebay etc. With this in mind, we review the lot.

We also review mobile phone accessories such as cases and screen protectors etc. However, you can also join in and make a review yourself. So, if you would like to write a review about the mobile phone that you have, please do so. But, please stay factual. Obviously, we want to know about the build quality and reliability etc.

Oracle Review Forum

The blog is obviously for the in-depth reviews of mobile phones. However, we also have a Tech Forum for all short reviews. In fact, we cover all subject matters and a whole lot more. For instance we have off topic forums for those who just like a good chat. So, pop over to the forum when you can and tell us your opinions. Also, please bookmark us for future reference.

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