Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones are comfortable to wear even over long periods. The sound quality and stereo separation is amazing but they lacks bass. They do feel a little on the cheap side, however, they come from Sennheiser who have a lot of experience in this market. With this in mind, they are not too flimsy and we expect them to last a long time.

The sparkling top end is brilliant but the lack of a boomy bass can be irritating. All in all, these headphones would suit DJ use or would grace your home Hi-Fi. The coiled lead is long enough but the jack plugs are different thicknesses. So, only one end fits into the headphones. Although not too much of a negative feature, you still have to think as you set them up!

The presentation box is strong and they come with a protective case for carrying them around in.

In Detail:

Excellent stereo sound
Spatial sound image
Excellent attenuation of ambient noise
Turntable ear cup is rotatable for one-ear listening – ideal for a DJ
Single-sided coiled cable which is detachable
Comfortable headband and ear pads
1 ⁄4″ (6.3 mm) screw-on jack adaptor, gold-plated
Protective pouch included (carry case)

Sennheiser HD 215 headphones 01 review

Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones




Build quality


Sound quality




Value for money



  • Comfortable - even over long periods
  • Sound quality - although not enough bass
  • DJ friendly
  • Long coiled lead


  • Cheap feel to them
  • Ear pads tend to wear out easily
  • Different jack plug sizes on lead
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