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About us here at Oracle Review

This page also informs you about us and what our aims are etc

About us here at Oracle Review

Firstly, the Oracle Review Network is all about reviewing goods and services. Obviously, this could involve physical goods or virtual items, including internet services, etc. In other words, we review anything under the sun!

We chose Oracle Review because the definition of Oracle is “a person considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions”.

We are geeks and unashamedly so! Furthermore, we love reviewing technology, goods and services, just like everyone else. Indeed, you are here because you have an interest in the same thing. Moreover, we love to talk about technology, consumer items and the different services we use every day. But, we don’t intend to waffle on and make things more complicated than they should be. On the contrary, we prefer to stick with the facts.

Of course, most people prefer simple reviews with just the meaty bits included. In short, this is what we are all about. We have opened Oracle Review for anyone who also wishes to review and rate all things Tech or anything else! Correspondingly, should you wish to chat about technology, goods or services, do that here. Indeed, it matters not whether the technology, goods or services are past, present or future, we cover the lot!

Independent Reviews Are Important

In short, independent reviews of the subject matter is vital if people are to make informed decisions about anything they purchase. With this in mind, Oracle Review is a website where we allow this to happen. To put it differently, other reviewing websites get a bonus from manufacturers to promote their goods. In general, this tends to mask the bad bits and is totally unhealthy. Obviously, this is where you have your say! To clarify, join in with us and state your unbiased point of view.


To sum up, Oracle Review has provided the medium for you. So, now it is up to you, the consumer, to have your say. In short, you may register here at the main reviewing website and make, more in-depth posts. However, if you would just like to post a smaller review, there is always the Oracle Review Forum.

Obviously, anyone can join and we cover all subject matters in the Consumer Forum. All things considered, join us and start reviewing. If you have had good or bad experiences with technology, goods or services and would like to share them, you can do so here. In fact, we insist. This is because we are all here to help others before they part with their money.

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In effect, Oracle Review is all about the past, present and future!

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