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Sound and vision reviews - from televisions to hi-fi sound systems and all audio devices

Indeed, this is the sound and vision reviews page

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    • ALBA TRDAB2820 ReviewAlba TRDAB2820 Review
      Alba TRDAB2820 Review So, you have a spare £30.00 and want to buy a DAB radio. Let’s face it, that old radio you have needs replacing doesn’t it? Well, here we review the Alba TRDAB2820, […]
    • Sennheiser HD 215 headphones 01 reviewSennheiser HD 215 Headphones
      Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones The Sennheiser HD 215 Headphones are comfortable to wear even over long periods. The sound quality and stereo separation is amazing but they lacks bass. They do feel a […]
    • JVC RA-D38-B DAB/FM Clock Radio - Oracle ReviewJVC DAB Clock Radio RA-D38B
      Here we review the JVC DAB Clock Radio RA-D38B. To begin with, this unit comes from JVC, what more can we say? Obviously with this brand name comes quality and reliability. Oh, and a decent sound […]
    • Tesco CR112DABV Clock RadioTesco CR112DABV Clock Radio
      Tesco CR112DABV Clock Radio Review. This unit is mains operated but can also take 6 x AA batteries. This allows you to take it with you and use it as a portable radio or alarm clock when camping etc. […]
    • TEAC CDRW890 reviewTEAC CDRW890
      TEAC CDRW890 Review In short, Teac have incorporated a lot of new technology into this new CD player/recorder. Obviously, all sorts of CD’s are suitable for this machine. On the back are the […]
    • LG 55UH625V television reviewLG 55UH625V Smart TV
      LG 55UH625V – Smart TV Review Firstly, the LG 55UH625V is 55 inch a UHD smart television. However, is it worth buying, that is the question? What does the LG 55UH625V look like? Obviously, LG […]
    • Aiwa Clock Radio FR-A5K ReviewAiwa Clock Radio FR-A5K
      Aiwa Clock Radio FR-A5K Here we review the Aiwa Clock Radio – model number FR-A5K from the early noughties. Does it do what it needs to? You bet it does! As long as you get a decent signal in […]

Sound and Vision Also Reviewed

To begin with, this area displays the last 1o recent system reviews. Of course, this section deals with reviews of all sound and vision such as televisions and Hi-Fi. Obviously, this section is for all new and old articles because many people need reliable reviews before they buy. For example, you may need a review for a second-hand TV and need to know how it performs. Similarly, you may need a review of the latest sound system before you part with your cash.

As previously noted, our reviews are in-depth. Indeed, we invite you to make a review too. Should you not wish to make longer type posts, we also have a Oracle Review Forum for shorter reviews. In fact, we welcome everyone at the forum, even if they just want a natter. However, if you wish to make a post about any technology item, there are plenty of sub-forums for that.


Of course, this page will review the following technology items. Obviously we review televisions, Hi-Fi and all other sound systems. For example, amplifiers, stereo systems, DAB radio, receivers, sound bars and all other audio equipment. Finally, enjoy your stay at Oracle Review.

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