Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale by Salter

Salter Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale

This Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale by Salter really does provide you with some accurate data to help you stay in shape. By using the same bathroom scales each time you get the chance to trim up far better. This is because different bathroom scales may show different readings, of course.

The following information comes from the packaging and the instruction manual:

  • Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR
  • Ultimate Accuracy – 50g increments for precise weight management
  • 12 user memory
  • Athlete and child mode
  • Large toughened glass platform
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Step on for instant weight reading
  • Display size 80 x 37 mm
  • Platform size 300 x 300
  • Batteries Included
  • 15 Year Guarantee

First Use

Remove the isolating tag on the battery and then select whether you want your readings to be in Stones and pounds or kilograms. Turn on your bathroom scales then enter your age and height in any of the user numbers (1-12).

Place the scales on a solid flat surface and initialise them by pressing firmly in the centre of the scales and removing your foot. You will need to do this every time you change the surface that they stand on.

Once you have the scales in the area of your choice, it’s just a matter of stepping on them when you need your weight.

BMI, BMR etc

In order to get other readings on your new bathroom scales such as your BMI (Body Mass Index), turn on your scales and wait for the program to go through your details that you filled in earlier (age and height).

Allow the display to go off and then step bare foot onto the metal strips either side of the bathroom scales.

The scales will send a tiny electronic impulse through your body in order to take these special readings. Don’t worry, the current is so small that you will never notice it. At this point, it may be worthwhile jotting down the figures that the scales display.

Doing this every time you use the scales will allow you to compare the figure so that you can make informed choices as to your diet and exercise etc.

To Sum Up

For less than £30.00 you can buy a precision machine that will tell you your weight. Not only that but is will also give you other accurate readings which can prove to be a vital part of your health regime.

Salter Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale - Model number 9162AR SV3R

Salter Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale – Model number 9162 SV3R

Salter Ultimate Accuracy Analyser Scale






Good looks







  • Loads of features including BMI etc
  • Good looking and slimline design
  • 12 user memory
  • Feather touch control and auto off feature
  • Manufacturer's 15 year guarantee


  • The feet are not rubber, so on hard wet floors the bathroom scales could slip
  • You could get different readings depending on the surface. Try keeping the bathroom scales in the same place all the time.
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